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Water, Water Everywhere

70% of the Earth is covered in water. We all learn this statistic when we are still kids, along with another one: we are 70% water as well. On this planet and inside every creature that calls it home, water reigns supreme. There is no denying its ubiquity. At the same time, though, the form of water that we refer to when we are talking about water the drink – freshwater – is incredibly limited. Just 2.5% of all water is freshwater, and less than half of that is readily accessible. The science behind these concepts is sound, and for anyone who has been paying even cursory attention to recent developments in ecological science, they are concepts that give us pause.

A Stark Reality

While most people today can obtain safe drinking water with relative ease, this is not something that we can take for granted. The population is growing, pollution has reached record heights, and water prices rise every year without fail. Disaster lurks forever just around the corner, the prices mere cents on the gallon away from throwing our society into crisis. This is an unspoken horror among government officials and large corporations: we don’t know how long our current water supply can last us or how urgently we need to take action. What we do know is that if we were doing right by the people of Earth, we would have taken steps to legislate water conservation years ago. Barring that, we need to get creative.

Innovating for the Future

Creativity, as far as we are concerned, comes down to innovation. The technology that we have relied upon for decades falls far short of what we need to safeguard our collective future. Unless we take bold measures, we are setting up the generations to come for severe destruction, the likes of which they may not be able to overcome. It is no exaggeration that the future of humanity rests in our hands right now. We are at a crossroads, one path leading into darkness and the other into abundance. We can do the right thing, but it is going to require intelligence and stark choices.

Introducing: Water Security System

Our solution is a patented smart system that we call the Water Security System. We have engineered this cutting-edge system for affordability and reliability, putting to good use our 60+ years of experience with valves and fittings manufacturing. Confident that this IoT tool will make an impact on water usage on a large scale, we intend to help people become more aware of the water they are using on their property and avoid wasting water whenever possible – all while preventing costly water damage from leaks, dripping, and pipe ruptures.

How It Works

The Water Security System provides complete stability for water in your home, condominium, or office. We have designed this system to be intuitive, and there are four different versions of the system.

  1. Flow-Base: This system is the most powerful one, monitoring all the water that comes into the property and automatically shut-off the main water source whenever there is a leak or an unusual water flow. It will protect your entire property, sending notifications to your smartphone whenever there is an issue or a status change.
  2. Multi-Point: This system works with water sensors installed on the floor, strategically positioned near appliances and plumbing fixtures that use water. The sensors cause the main water source to shut-off any time they detect water, protecting your property and sending a notification to your smartphone.
  3. Point of Use: This system monitors individual appliances and plumbing fixtures. You hard-wire the sensor (much more comfortable than it sounds) into the appliance or fixture – a washing machine, a water heater, a dishwasher, or an ice machine – and it will cause the main water source to shut-off when it detects a leak, sending a notification to your smartphone.
  4. Water Sensor: The Water Sensor is the option for our cost-conscious customers. It’s easy to install and battery-operated, sounding an alarm whenever it detects water, reducing water damage by alerting you to leaks while you are in your property.

A Miracle for Property Managers and Property Owners

The Property Manager Dashboard that we have designed for the Water Security Solution makes it easy to track and analyze water usage. Within the dashboard, you can simulate water consumption based on data gathered in real-time, access, open, and close valves remotely; and take charge of water security once and for all, heading off issues before they turn into a giant, costly problems. For any property manager who has experienced water damage (or heard tales of water damage from their colleagues), this solution is nothing short of a miracle.

Check it out for yourself:

Fostering Better Habits

Because the Water Security System encourages water conservation indirectly, it qualifies as a form of “nudging,” reinforcing positive behavior over time. We are putting property managers and property owners entirely in charge of water usage for the first time, and we believe that level of accountability will elicit more responsible stewardship of the resource we have taken to calling blue gold. There is no telling just how significant an impact this solution could have, and we have set our sights on turning this into a movement, empowering people everywhere to recognize the realities of potable water and why it is so vital for us to become more aware of its limited quantity.

Water Security Solution – Good for You, Good for the Planet

The way that we see it, we are charting a way out of this era and into a new era – one property at a time.

We appreciate all your support, both monetary and non-monetary, and we thank you for taking the time to read about what we are doing.

What We Need & What You Get

Working hard on this project for several years, we are finally ready to launch it. We are not ignorant of all the challenges that we are going to face, though. We know that we need to set up a proper sales network and customer support team, and to do that, we need to raise some start-up capital. Our goal through this campaign is to raise $ 75.000, and every dollar that we raise brings us one step closer to that goal.

To say thanks to everyone who makes a contribution to this campaign, we are offering some exciting rewards, including merchandise branded with the Water Security Solution logo and early access to any of our four Water Security Solution systems.

Contribute now and help us bring the Water Security Solution to as many homes, condominiums, and offices as we can!

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