Hide And Seek: How To Find A Hidden Leak

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Hidden leaks have the potential to wreak havoc in your home if left undetected. Developing the habit of searching for hidden leaks will help you prevent a future disaster.
Here are some tips for finding a sneaky leak:
Look for it visually
Even if you can’t see a leaking pipe, the location of pooled or dripping water will give you a starting point. Do regular visual inspections around your home, paying particular attention to locations where you are likely to have piping inside walls. You may have to cut open portions of the wall or break through concrete to access pipework.
Hire a professional to look
Plumbers have experience in finding and fixing leaks. If searching for it is too daunting, hire a professional to do an inspection. This can be part of your annual home maintenance. The cost of hiring someone to inspect and repair anything about to fail will more than pay for itself.
Assess your water bill
Sudden increases in water consumption not caused by a change in your habits can signal a leak. If you have a smart meter, you will be able to assess whether there is a steady stream of water flow when nothing is in use.
Install a leak detection and Shut off system
The best way to deal with hidden leaks is with a detection system that interrupts your water supply if a leak happens. These systems have a sensor that monitors flow in your home. If it detects a leak, it automatically stops the flow so you can deal with the situation before you have a disaster on your hands.
WSS products
To protect your home, you need the right system.
Water Security System
Is exactly what you need to detect and prevent leaks at home. Its versatility means that it can be configured as a single whole-house protection system, or can be installed for specific appliances. The system can alert you via a text message, to give you that peace of mind when you are away. Contact us for more information on how our system can help you prevent hidden leaks from damaging your home.
We have some exciting news!
There has been significant interest in the Water Security System in the South Florida Market. Due to the high demand, we have created the following program for our customers. Payments for the Water Security System can be deferred for up to 90 days. This is available for applications submitted within the next 30 days. Leasing & financing options are always available to invest in this Home Automation Asset.

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