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Water Security System SaaS Cloud

The benefits of the system are:
• Property Manager Dashboard which is designed to monitor the water usage for each apartment.
• Battery Life indicated on the Property Manager Dashboard with notification when the batteries need to be changed. Lifespan is about 2 years and they use standard AA batteries.
• Automatic Shut-off Valve with Water Meter which monitors the flow of water into each apartment and will automatically shut off the domestic water in the event there is a leak.
• Sub-Metering Capability
• Cloud-Storage of Water Usage Data with the ability to provide monthly water bills by the apartment at the touch of a button.
• Water Conservation
• Leak Warning and Drip Warning Notifications by text and email.
• 5 Year Warranty on the Entire System. This can be extended to 8 years with the use of the cloud for data storage.
• Detection of the hidden leaks and higher water usage due to faulty toilet flappers.
• Unlimited amount of sensors per apartment.
• Communication through radio signals, cell signals, and the mesh network. We will customize the system to meet the needs of your building.
• Financing options available.
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Access to clean water has always been a challenge. The industrial age gave us indoor plumbing, but also brought factories and businesses that consumed and polluted water sources.
Corporate consumption
Most people think of residential water consumption, but corporations also use water for their processes and products. This impacts the quantity of water available for everyday citizens.
The traditional view of a factory spewing pollutants into a nearby river might seem old school (this is the twenty-first century and there are regulations), but the reality is that pollution continues. In addition to the water consumed for manufacturing processes, we are left with a reduced supply of freshwater and higher water treatment costs.
Power generation requires water for cooling equipment as well as extraction, refining, and transportation of fuel. Some methods consume larger quantities than others and a shift in energy source lowers the water consumed by this industry.
According to the US Department of Agriculture (USDA), farming uses 80% of fresh water obtained from surface and ground sources. While water is a critical aspect of agriculture, the amount consumed can be reduced through more efficient irrigation systems and practices.
Food and Beverage
Companies that produce bottled water and other drinks have come under fire for extracting water from municipal sources that could otherwise serve local residents. Protests in India and Canada against Coca-Cola and Nestle have highlighted the need for proper balance between corporate interests and those of local residents. If water is consumed faster than it can be replenished, more people will find themselves without clean water for the everyday living.
While most of us are not directly influencing company policy and water consumption, we can conserve the water within our control. Enolgas can help you minimize the wastage of this precious resource with the right technology. Give us a call to discuss your needs.
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