As an industry leader, Water Security System helps homes of any size save water, prevent damage, and save money. As a global entity, we are well aware of the importance of water conservation. With both a greater understanding of water usage and a system that protects your home from water damage, you can save money on your water bill. The Water Security System works around the clock to benefit its users, through innovation and ease of use.

The benefits


Prevent damage

Save Money

How it works

Ready to Detect Leaks After an

Easy Installation

With this innovative system, you will be able to monitor how the water is used in your home from a single point of control, and make adjustments if needed.

The Water Security System is unique in the level of customization it offers its users. Connect your ice maker, water filtration system, and bathroom fixtures to the WSS using sensors. Depending on your needs, you may use sensors for temperature, moisture, or humidity. The Water Security System gives you total control over the water usage and flow in your home.


Leak Response Technology

One of the most innovative characteristics of the Water Security System is the immediate response it provides to water emergencies, big and small. When the system detects a leak – down to dripping precision – it will immediately send you a notification, either in the form of a text message, an email, or both. When a leak is detected, the system protects your home from water damage and potential flooding by automatically shutting off the main water supply.

The Water Security System is a world leader in water monitoring systems. With single-point control, either on a wall-mounted control panel or on your personal device, you can check usage, monitor leaks, or shut off the system remotely. Get a handle on your water usage and protect your home from water damage with a Water Security System.

Emergency Water Shut Off

Peace of Mind With a

Worry Free Design

Always on, all day, every day

  • No maintenance necessary after the system is installed
  • Receive notifications about leaks or other water issues via email or text message
  • Check water usage, monitor leaks, and shut off water using your smartphone, tablet, or computer
  • Customize the system with specialized sensors and switches
  • Enjoy greater control over your water by linking the system to your appliances

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